Hello! Iโ€™m Edoardo Mercati, a UX/UI Designer from Italy living in Amsterdam.

I think thereโ€™s enough complexity in our world - the products we use shouldn't be. I strongly believe in the power of simplicity to craft clear and enjoyable user experiences.

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Understand. I take time to obeserve my users, take notes and collect data to indentify problems, constraint and requirements.

Sketch and prototype. Once the problem is framed, together with scope and context - I begin to sketch, wireframe and quickly prototype a possible set of solutions.

Test and iterate. I welcome users to interact with different versions of my product observing how they performs. This exciting phase is a loop, in which their feedback generates new discoveries and alternative versions until the experience feels right.

Deliver. Eventually I refine my design to its most polished version, exporting all the assets and specs and working closely with developers to make sure everything integrates seamlessly.


Following the great principles of atomic design, during the design process I gradually build a system of components made of text styles, colors, icons, buttons, that expands and evevolves through the lifetime of the project.

In this way I keep the design consistent through all the devices, allowing my team mates to access the most updated style and assets in any moment.

Work Samples

bunq App UX, UI, A/B Testing

Banking Dashboard Responsive Design

NovaNet App Redesign

Dropbox Redesign for Fun


I always start with my old good paper notebook to draft ideas and take notes. Then I shift to the digital realm to shape the final designs. Here I use software like Sketch, Flinto, Framer, Principle, Photoshop and Illustrator, costantly mirroring to my mobile devices to have a real-life feel.

In my 'nerdy' time I find myself coding in HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript. Lately Iโ€™m digging into Swift and iOS development.



May 2015 - Present

Joined bunq when its core product was still secret, working together with a few talented people to launch a completely new, disruptive banking experience. With 30+ features and counting, my responsibility is to make the bunq apps a joy to see and use.

Starting Point

Feb - Apr 2015

Wireframed, designed, user tested and followed the development of mobile app projects while writing my master thesis.

MediaLab Amsterdam

Sep 2014 - Jan 2015

Designed and developed a fully functional application of Augmented Reality to improve the workflow of professionals that operate on the field.

Polytechnic University of Turin

Sep 2013 - Jul 2014

Worked with Prof. Fabrizio Valpreda and Prof. Andrea Sanna during academic lessons of the Virtual Design course.

Flac Lab

Sep 2013 - Jul 2014

Learnt the fundamentals of motion graphics and animation, working for companies including McDonalds, Luxottica, Intesa Sanpaolo.

Fiat Crysler Automobilies

Mar 2012 - May 2015

Internship project on the accessibility of the car dashboard. Made an extensive research on the state of the art, sketched, modeled and virtually tested improvement proposals.

Want to know more? Cool! Here is my LinkedIn and my resume.pdf ๐Ÿ“
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